Top Education Tech Trends for 2014

Mobile learning

With the rapid increase of tablets and smartphones, a major shift has taken place in how educators are communicating with students and how students are learning things. From using digital textbooks via iBooks to video tutorials through iTunesU to the use of productivity apps like Google Docs and Dropbox, students and educators are embracing technology like never before. Analysts are predicting tablets to become mainstream in the next year as a means of education. And this is just the classroom side of the story.

Open Online Courses

Open online courses have gained popularity over the past year and will continue to grow over the next several years. These courses are attended by thousands of users and offer certificates of completion. It gives users the ability to learn any subject — basic computer skills, application development, even marketing — all from top institutions like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and others.


Gamification is seeing a steady rise in all fields when it comes to engaging users. Educational institutes are also understanding its importance to make learning fun and more involved for students.

Digital Textbooks

Digital textbooks have replaced the traditional printed textbooks big time — often interactive and most times free to use. With the increasing number of tablets and readers like the Kindle, it only makes sense to have all your content digitized. This lets publishers reach more students.

3D printing

3D printers have exploded into the mainstream market over the past years. Libraries and schools are realizing the potential of these printers and providing DIY makerspaces along with opportunities for skill-building in engineering.



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