Saving your app from App Store Rejection

Anurag Rastogi
2 min readAug 24, 2020


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Most Apps Get REJECTED Because Of

How to ensure your iOS apps are NOT rejected from New Generation Applications
Saving your apps from rejection from newgenapps

  • Poor app quality
  • Non-conformance to new regulations (lack of awareness)
  • Not enough value proposition for the end user
  • Not enough use of iOS SDK to make it eligible for being released as native

App Quality

  • User interface MUST be acceptable
  • No crashes — check on all OS versions and devices which your app supports
  • Features advertised must actually work — no discrepancies
  • Releasing an app just to get user feedback? Don’t — beta versions, demos are not welcome
  • Don’t mislead users — no hidden features or gathering user data without permission

App Content

  • Do not infringe trademarks or copyrights
  • No defamatory content against people, groups, religions
  • Don’t have objectionable or crude content
  • If its music/video/book, don’t release as an app
  • Using in-app purchase for unlocking any content used outside the app will result in rejection
  • Using any mechanism other than in-app purchase to unlock content used in apps will result in rejection
  • Users must not be charged to use in-built features like camera, accelerometer or for receiving notifications

User Interface

  • UI must comply with Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • App must not look similar to Apple apps
  • Apps must not simulate dashboards/multi-widget experiences

User Data

  • Do not get user details (email etc) unless absolutely needed for app’s functioning
  • User MUST be given an option to skip registration if app’s core features do not require it
  • User privacy is of utmost importance — don’t share anything without their permission

Common Mistakes

  • Your app should not store user-generated content (which can be easily recreated) to iCloud
  • Starting 1st May, 2013, apps must support iPhone 5 resolution (no letter-boxing)
  • Apps targeting children MUST ask for a simple verification when taking them outside the app (to ensure the parent initiated it)
  • Apps must conform to local laws when releasing apps
  • Apps collecting donations for recognized charities MUST be free
  • Push notifications must not be used for advertising/promotions




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