New and Revamped — Apple WWDC Keynote 2013

iOS 7

  • Multitasking is much faster and you can move between windows you were working on using a simple swipe gesture. Scrolling through app screens is as simple as moving through a deck of cards!
  • Control Center — A new pull-up menu lets you change different settings faster including controlling your music, airplane mode, wifi/bluetooth and a flashlight (whatever will happen to the thousands of flashlight apps out there!)
  • AirDrop — AirDrop will make it very easy to share items with others nearby
  • Siri can now be Sirius as well (new man voice) and can understand more commands like increasing the screen brightness, get your voicemail, get content from Wikipedia without opening a browser
  • Apple also introduced something called Activation Lock with iOS 7. So if you lose your iPhone and even if someone wipes it off, they won’t be able to reactivate the phone.
  • Some other features introduced with iOS 7 include inter-app audio, 60 FPS video capture, barcode scanning, guided access, Facetime and iMessage blocking, cross-device notifications (more below).
  • Photos app was given a major overhaul with quite some features included like scrubbing through photos, managing photo streams across devices, introduction of “Moments” and inclusion of Filters within the camera app (no Instagram now?!). Some other features that got major updates include the notification center, folders, calendar, weather app, Game Center and even the locked screen.

iTunes Radio

Mac OS X Mavericks


MacBook Air

Finally, the Mac Pro




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Anurag Rastogi

Anurag Rastogi

Thinker. Dreamer. Believer. Doer. CEO

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