iPad mini price, windows 8 vs Android, Twitter’s fiction event

  1. iPad Mini reviewed by John Gruber- Thoughts on the Display, Price, and Name of the Impending Smaller iPad
  2. Can Microsoft reinvent itself for the age of mobility? Will desktop users graciously accept the redesigned Modern interface? and most important will Windows 8 is threat to Android tablets? To know more read Is Windows 8 an existential threat to Android tablets?
  3. Are you twitter Fan? If you’re having a hard time imagining what fiction looks like on Twitter, or if you just think it’s a horrible idea.Twitter Will Hold A Fiction Festival From November 28 To December 2
  4. “We had a strong quarter. Revenue was up 45 percent year-on-year, and, at just fourteen years old, we cleared our first $14 billion revenue quarter,” said Larry PageGoogle Inc. Announces Third Quarter 2012 Results
  5. latest example of Apple distancing itself from the Oracle program Apple removes Java from all OS X Web browsers



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