Emerging trends in mCommerce 2012

Anurag Rastogi
3 min readAug 27, 2020


Mobile Commerce is relatively a new field but it is gaining momentum with more and more people switching over to smartphones. With the advent of mobile technology and social media, traditional print media and big media groups do not have same impact as they used to have. The consumer of today wants ubiquitous access to information; anywhere and anytime. mCommerce gives the freedom to the users to access the information anywhere & anytime along with a space for creativity.

Here, are some hottest trends witnessed by mCommerce in the year 2012:

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are increasingly becoming popular over physical wallets. Mobile wallet possesses all the requisites as coupons, credit/debit card information, loyalty cards and even tickets. These mobile wallets do not store data on phone instead on the cloud, making it all the more safe and secure. Though being relatively new, mobile wallets are gaining popularity amongst end users as more and more people are opting for mobile wallets.

Digital Catalogs

With consumers becoming more technology savvy, brand owners needs to come up with different marketing strategies to target specific audience. Digital catalogues are in vogue with companies. They provide comprehensive information regarding products as well as services to the consumers right on their phones. Some companies have even come up with retail catalogues to connect with the consumer directly.

Mobile Purchase

There has been significant rise in purchases made from mobiles. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used to make purchases as it is giving customers the power to choose and pick which was earlier possible only in physical shopping. This trend is on rise as it enables all time access along with the ability to choose from an extensive range.

Prospective growth in European mCommerce sector from 2012 onwards to 2017


With the growth in mCommerce space, retailers are increasingly turning to NFC (Near Field Communication) as these can be used in contactless payment system similar to those in credit cards. This is a relatively a new technology but it is bound to grow in the next few years. For instance; Google wallet helps users to store credit card and loyalty card information in a virtual wallet and thereafter use an NFC-enabled device at terminals that accept MasterCard PayPass transactions.

Location Based Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the most popular ways for companies to reach an extensive audience. In past few months, many retailers are offering location based mobile advertising in order to target consumers and increase their sales. For instance, Best Buy and Victoria’s Secret have been adding location to their mobile advertising strategies which enable consumers find the nearest physical location.

QR codes

QR Codes are matrix barcodes (or two-dimensional codes). These codes are quite easy to generate and to scan which is one of the main reasons these are gaining popularity as a hot trend in mCommerce. They do not require special barcode readers. Scan this code with in-built camera or from an image uploaded. QR codes are being used for providing promotional offers, discounts and product-specific information to users on their smartphones.

mCommerce is the solution to instant buying and paying in today’s fast paced life. Right from paying bills to buying anything, mCommerce provides the option to do everything in just few seconds from the convenience of your smartphones. The ability to buy anywhere and anytime has enabled people to opt for this mode. With people living in a world where there is instant access to information, people are preferring mCommerce over eCommerce.