Apple sold 3M iPads over the weekend

Apple had sold 3 million iPads over the weekend doubling its previous iPad launch in March. Apple offered iPad Mini along with fourth-generation iPad which came with a faster processor and other upgrades.

The company says it doubled the milestone set by the third-generation iPad in March even though lines were shorter than at past Apple events. The sale in stores was completely destroyed on the East Coast by the Hurricane Sandy, which caused major devastation of both life and property. It not only destroyed homes but also left people isolated without power and hindered access to transportation. Different Apple’s stores in lower Manhattan were shut down on Friday because of the continuing problems. On the West Coast and overseas, lines were shorter than in previous Apple launch events. But, demand outstrips supply and New York’s top store quickly sold out of iPad Minis.

Apple didn’t break out many iPad Minis and larger iPads were sold over the weekend but presumably many were in line to buy the smaller tablet. The iPad Mini is Apple’s attempt to cater client demand for smaller tablets which have largely been dominated by Amazon, Samsung, Google and Asus.

Apple continues to be strained by supply constraint issues which have kept it from immediately fulfilling orders to customers. Analysts believed those issues would limit sales numbers. The devices are available in 34 countries. A version of the new iPad and iPad Mini with both Wi-Fi and cellular connections will come in the next few weeks.



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