7 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS

Augmented Reality is a technology that virtually sets a 3D visual into a “real-world” experience. This furnishes the user with the image that the virtual object co-exists with them in the natural world.

AR is often used in gaming, traversing a more vivid experience to gamers and engaging more senses. Augmented reality apps display superimpose data in your field and can guide you into a different world where the original and pragmatic world meets.

10 Best Augmented Reality Apps are listed below:


Houzz is one of the top AR apps for planning interior layouts and designs. It is a home enhancement app that has e-commerce functionalities, allowing users to browse and order in apps.

This app grants shoppers an opportunity to arrange their products in their residences. This app gives a bigger picture, taking into account your home’s entire floor plan to see which items will fit where.

Ø YouCam Makeup

youcam makeup

Purchasing makeup is typically a leap of hope — you wave to get and try on samples at the makeup counter, but fluorescent lighting plays tricks on the eyes and doesn’t account for typical selfie lighting conditions. But YouCam allows shoppers to test makeup from tons of major brands with the help of AR technology.

Augmented Reality eBook


This app connects animated GIFs and AR, converting photos and videos into canvasses for 3D graphics. So, if you’re looking to supplement more personality to your social media content, give GIPHY World a try. Attach graphics and animated elements product photos and give them an extra flair for a social audience.

Ø Google Lens

One of the AR apps for android only is Google Lens, which enhances the search experience. Rather than typing a text-based query, open the app and aim it at what you want to search. Google Lens will recognize the object and explain to you what the text says even stores relevant numbers. It will also tell you the place from where you should purchase the object (if the product is available for sale in online mode). This is the reason why it is significant to analyze a visual search strategy as part of your SEO systems.

Ø Snapchat


Snapchat is a social media app known for its younger user base and fun effects. But do you know it’s also an AR application? Those wacky-face filters showcase AR at work.

Brands can incorporate. Snapchat Marketing and AR into their strategy by creating a presence and also investing in branded filters.

Ø Amikasa


Amikasa is one of the home-furnishing AR apps which is only available on iOS (no Android version is currently available). Preferably focused on a single store or brand, Amikasa agglomerates the products from all over the web, so shoppers can build a cohesive room without visiting every store or website. Users can even purchase items on the app itself.

Ø BooksARalive


This app will transform the way you perceive book-reading. Many children find book-reading as a tiresome task since they have access to all the absorbing interactive games. This app will stimulate their love for reading with multilingual augmented reality books. Every page turns into an interactive scene, where the reality & fantasy world unites.


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